Pure Evil Horror-Shop and we deliver our products all over world!
Payment method: Credit Card or Bank transfer. Unfortunately we do not have PayPal. 

If you need to use bank transfer, please make your order via eMail: orders@bloodceremony.net 
and you will get payment details.

All products (t-shirts, LP's, mugs, hoodies) only.......10e per packet (post)
Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia
All products (t-shirts, LP's, mugs, hoodies) only.......8e per packet (tracked postpacket)

Sweden, Denmark
All products (t-shirts, LP's, mugs, hoodies) only.......12e per packet (tracked postpacket)

Belgium, Luxenburg Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria,
Spain, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Netherland, Switzerland
All products (t-shirts, LP's, mugs, hoodies) only.......15e per packet (tracked postpacket)

French, Ireland, UK, Italy, Malta, Romania, Greece, Cyprus, Monaco, Gibraltar, Jersey (UK)
All products (t-shirts, LP's, mugs, hoodies) only.......15e per packet (tracked postpacket)

Norway, USA, (Russia is not possible until they kick out Putin), Ukraina, Belarus, Vatican, Iceland,
Australia, Japan, Canada, Serbia, Switzerland, China, Israel,
South-Africa, Mexico Chile and All another countries outside EU
All products (t-shirts, LP's, mugs, hoodies) only.......from 35e per packet (tracked postpacket)

Returns: The customer is responsible for sending returns by mail at their own expense unless otherwise agreed upon separately. The product being returned must be unused, clean, and in saleable condition. If textiles have an odor of tobacco or sweat, or if they are covered in animal hair, these conditions are not met. In such cases, we will notify that these products can be picked up from our store, or we can send them back by mail at the customer's expense. NOTE! We do not accept cash on delivery returns - they will always be returned to you.

If the buyer returns the order, the refund applies only to the amount paid for the products; shipping costs will not be refunded. The original shipping costs will always remain payable for the order.

IMPORTANT! Returns to the address: 
Horror-Shop/Sami Haavisto
Tynnyritie 19
17200 Vääksy 
+358400 731177

NOTE! If a customer places an order and does not pick it up from the postal office, we will deduct the costs incurred from shipping and return from the refundable amount. (Shipping costs of the sent package + costs incurred from the return)