Grave Stompers – Spooked, Cursed & Haunted (CD, New)

Grave Stompers – Spooked, Cursed & Haunted (CD, New)
Grave Stompers – Spooked, Cursed & Haunted (CD, New)
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Psychobilly in the oldschool style and spooky lyrics is what you can expect from the forth album of the Grave Stompers. Beside the true Psycho tunes (such as "Wolfbane", "Dressed to kill", "Faster than hell" etc.) this CD also features some Rockabilly influenced songs ("She's a vamp) and even the slow motion surf track "Smell of love" (probably the bands slowest song ever). The vocals on each song may change between smooth, smart and more aggressive style while the bass and stand drums keep pounding a straight jackhammer beat. The band's sound is led by clean and twangy Gretsch Guitars with lots of reverb - on "London after Midnight" and the groovy "Bone Sweet Bone" (a tribute to the bloody countess Elisabeth Bathory) the guitar sound gets pimped with eerie fuzz to make the sinister atmosphere complete.
Not just the music of the Grave Stompers can be described as oldschool sounding, also the production of this album is really natural and authentic. Great care has been taken to carry out this vintage feeling - so the recording and mixing was just on analog basis and took place in the band's Funeral Lounge Soundcave.
The CD contains the clip "Munich after Midnight" as a bonus feature. This song is taken from the "Oldschool Deluxe 7" and got re-recorded for this album.

Tracklisting: Riot At The Rockhouse / Faster Than Hell / She's A Vamp / Dressed To Kill / Call From The Grave (PT.II) / Wolfbane / Smell Of Love /London After Midnight / Bone Sweet Bone / Jumping To The Batcave Rock / The Spook + video: Munich After Midnight

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