Sir Psyko & His Monsters – Zombie Rock (Vinyl LP, new)

Sir Psyko & His Monsters – Zombie Rock (Vinyl LP, new)
Sir Psyko & His Monsters – Zombie Rock (Vinyl LP, new)
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Fresh, young, wild and mighty good rocking Psychobilly outfit from Austria!

13-Kick Ass Psychobilly tracks, like a punch into your face. This is the self produced Debut Album "Zombie Rock" from the newcomers from Austria! Wild oldschool Psychobilly with different influences! You can feel the energy and the power the 5 guys have. Very unique is the Saxophon on 3 tracks from the album!

13 Kick Ass Psychobilly tracks, voll auf die Fresse! Das ist das selbstproduzierte Debut Album "Zombie Rock" der 5 newcomer aus Österreich. Wild oldschool Psychobilly mit verschieden Einflüssen, was auch an der Zusammenstellung der Band zu sehen ist. 3 Psykos, 1 Horrorpunk und 1 Rockabilly. Man spürt die Power, die Energie und den Spaß den die 5 Jungs haben. Was das Album einzigartig macht ist das Saxophon auf 3 Tracks des Albums!

Psychobilly is our life, let´s wreck, let´s drink, let´s have dirty nights We are addicted bone for bone, to the darkside of rock n roll!!!!


1. Voices 2. Love/hate 3. What have I done?? 4. MUTANT KR3W 5. Jimmy the butcher 6. Ballad 7. Ghost Riders (in the sky) 8. I sold my soul 9. Monsterbilly Queen 10.Human Hunter 11.Sir Psyko & his Monsters 12.Zombie Rock 13.The End

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