Rock Chicks (used)

Rock Chicks (used)
Rock Chicks (used)

Ronni Cooper

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The groupie
Coco LaBiba has the beauty, she has the money, but she just needs sex, music and fame to get high. She won't give up her wild ways for anyone - except the one guy she can never have.

The wife
Marny Rammer - pretty, quiet, devoted wife of the band's lead singer. But there's a price to pay when superstardom comes knocking on your husband's door, and for Marny it comes in a dangerous pile of fine white powder...

The manager
Lori Wyatt is the girl from the sticks turned kick-ass band manager who can play any man at their own game - business, or pleasure - and who will do anything she can to sky-rocket her boys to the top. Anything. Warning: Explicit

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