Metal Rock Cavalcade 2 x CD (used)

Metal Rock Cavalcade 2 x CD (used)
Metal Rock Cavalcade 2 x CD (used)
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1-1Sonata Arctica–Wolf & Raven4:18 

1-2Downfall (2)–Dark Parade3:52

1-3Kyyria–Only Eyes5:24

1-4Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus–Nyt On Mies!4:31

1-5Children Of Bodom–Hate Me!4:47

1-6Cadacross–So Pale Is The Light5:19

1-7Eternal Tears Of Sorrow–The Last One For Life5:01

1-8The Black League–1% - Doomsday... Now!4:05

1-9Drive (3)–Hysterical3:27

1-10Finntroll–Jaktens Tid3:36

1-11Nightwish–10th Man Down5:23

1-12Ensiferum–Hero In A Dream3:41

1-13Napalm Death–Necessary Evil2:56

2-1Apocalyptica–Sad But True4:49

2-2Kingston Wall–With My Mind4:41

2-3Five Fifteen–Innocence Is No Excuse7:22

2-4Smack (5)–Paint It Black3:17

2-5PJ Marsch Group–Top Of The Mountain4:34

2-6Tunnelvision–Reach The Moon5:01

2-7Tarot (2)–Crawlspace3:39

2-8Silent Voices (2)–HumanCradleGrave5:21

2-9Spiha–New Beginning6:55

2-10Sara (9)–Niele Nyt3:44

2-11Bury Me Deep (2)–Strongwhip3:22

2-12Purity (4)–Vent3:28

2-13Sub-Urban Tribe–Out Of Bounds5:15

2-14Royal Tramps–Dog Eat Dog4:58

2-15No-Big-Silence–Star Deluxe3:06

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