Johnny Spence & Doctor's Order - Hot And Rockin' (CD new)

Johnny Spence & Doctor's Order - Hot And Rockin' (CD new)
Johnny Spence & Doctor's Order - Hot And Rockin' (CD new)
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1. Stop Drinkin' (Lightin' Hopkins)
2. Oh Baby Doll (Aaltonen, Häkkinen, Kallio, Stanley)
3. Hot And Rockin' (music: Spence, Hämäläinen, Nättilä, Oikarinen, words: Spence)
4. Parchman Farm (Mose Allison)
5. A Shot Of Rhythm & Blues (Terry Thompson)
6. Mean Machine (Johnny Spence, Frank Farley)
7. Whole Lotta Woman (Marvin Rainwater)
8. A Little Bit Hurt (Jimmy Miller, Julian Covay)
9. Say Mama (Earl Meeks)
10. Break up (Charlie Rich)
11. Gone Gone Gone (Carl Perkins)
12. Meet Me With Your Hi-Heels On (Johnny Spence)
13. My Babe (Willie Dixon)
14. All Night Worker (Rufus Thomas)
15. Baby Jump (Ray Dorset) 

Johnny Spence is a 69 years old British rock'n'roll legend, who started his chorea
already in the early 60's as a bass player for Johnny Kidd & The Pirates. As a trio
the Pirates featuring Johnny also on vocals did their first recordings in 1964, and
the single ""My babe" has been considered a classic ever since. Along with guitarist
Mick Green and drummer Frank Farley they did some great albums especially in the
late 70's and early 80's, and they are considered of being the greatest rock'n'roll
trio ever.
Finland's finest and toughest rock'n'roll/rhythm & blues-trio Doctor's Order
features Grande-Archie Hämäläinen on guitar, Teddy Bear Nättilä on bass and Mighty
Man Oikarinen on drums. Besides the albums with Johnny Spence they have released six
albums as a trio, one album with the Pirates guitarist Mick Green

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