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Girls and  Corpses VOL. 7 NUCLEAR SUMMER issue sizzles with Atomic Bombshell RIKKI SIX on a picnic at Three Mile Island with her radiated mutant BFF NUKE ROTNEY.  This amazing 'drop and cover' issue features: an interview with GWAR's Ordeus Urungus ROY FRUMKES/Street Trash  Troma's Return to Nuke 'Em High: The ABCs of DEATH 'I Was A Teenage Dominatrix'  Adam Green's Holliston, The Vampire Woman of Mexico Pete's Chop Shop Faces For The Dead Body Parts for Sale More Last Laughs Amateur Nukes of The Month and The winner of our Miss Thermonuclear contest. You will absolutely melt over this nuclear summer issue... so order now before Kim Jong-Dum pushes the red button!

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