We're a small yet strong viking/asatru fortress in a middle of the cold North. We have a stone wall fortress at the beach of the Grey sea - more accurately in Konala, Helsinki. We also sail on virtual seas and sometimes ride to conquer various events. We maintain the true Northern spirit, rooted deeply into the frosty ground. Odinism, Asatru, original religions and ways of life shall raise their heads as we sail on these waves by the blessing of Northern winds and axes raised towards Valhalla!


The story of our viking shop begins way before the one of Horror-Shop. Northern myths, legends and the way of life are encrypted in our bloodline and at some point it also took a role in our business. Actually it was very natural to start drawing t-shirt and hoodie designs, making beanies, caps and other viking-related merchandise. Besides this, we are gathering a expanding selection of jewelry, drinking horns, swords, axes and other gear that is engaging growing attention. And so our small viking shop is thriving! Especially friends of metal music have rejoiced upon this expansion of repertoire in Finland as well as abroads – and the sage is to continue!