Hank Williams III, Hank 3 -Ghost to a Ghost/Gutter Town (2CD, Uusi)

Hank Williams III, Hank 3 -Ghost to a Ghost/Gutter Town (2CD, Uusi)
Hank Williams III, Hank 3 -Ghost to a Ghost/Gutter Town (2CD, Uusi)
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Ghost to a GhostNo.TitleWriter(s)Length

1."Gutter Town"Hank Williams III4:39
2."Day by Day"Williams III5:12
3."Riding the Wave"Williams III5:56
4."Don't Ya Wanna"Williams III4:15
5."Ray Lawrence Jr." (feat. Ray Lawrence Jr.)Ray Lawrence Jr.7:02
6."The Devil's Movin' In"Williams III5:06
7."Time to Die"Williams III4:50
8."Troopers Hollar" (feat. Trooper)Williams III4:37
9."Outlaw Convention"Williams III5:15
10."Cunt of a Bitch" (feat. Alan King)Williams III / Alan King5:34
11."Ghost to a Ghost" (feat. Les Claypool, Alan King, Tom Waits, Dave Sherman and Troy Medlin)Williams III7:08
Total length:59:41

Gutter TownNo.TitleWriter(s)Length

1."Goin' to Gutter Town"Williams III4:23
2."Gutter Stomp"Williams III3:19
3."The Dirt Road"Williams III4:14
4."Musha's"Williams III3:03
5."The Dream of Before"Williams III2:45
6."Dyin' Day"Williams III5:37
7."I Promised" (feat. Eddie Pleasant)Eddie Pleasant1:55
8."Chord of the Organ"Williams III1:07
9."Move Them Songs" (feat. Eddie Pleasant)Pleasant2:06
10."The Low Line"Williams III5:21
11."I'll Be Gone"Williams III6:32
12."Troopers Chaos" (feat. Trooper)Williams III5:24
13."Chaos Queen"Williams III5:36
14."Thunderpain"Williams III5:32
15."Fadin' Moon" (feat. Tom Waits)Williams III4:38
16."The Round"Williams III1:35
17."I'll Save My Tears"Williams III3:30
18."It's Goin' Down"Williams III3:40
19."With the Ship" (feat. Les Claypool)Williams III6:52
Total length:77:18
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